How Do I Get My Core to Actually ‘Switch On’? 

Are you struggling to feel your core muscles activating when you’re doing ab exercises? You’re not alone! Lots of people struggle to feel their abdominal muscles tightening and ‘working’ when they’re doing core exercises. 

The good news is that there are a few simple techniques that can help.

In the video below, I demonstrate exactly how I teach my clients to activate their core and ensure they’re not feeling it in their back unneccesarily.  

How to feel your abs working during core exercises:

In order to feel your abdominal muscles, the key is to have your spine in a really straight position. If you are doing core exercises on your back, you need to press your lower back down into the floor as hard as you can. Simply doing this movement will activate your abs. Then, as you progress into more challenging positions (like lifting your legs off the floor), the trick is to make sure your spine doesn’t arch. 

As long as you can keep your back glued flat to the floor, your abs will be working, and your back will be protected!