Mom & Baby

Group Fitness Class

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Get back into strength and fitness training postpartum with this mom & baby class on the upper east side.

** Our next group classes start July 5th, 2022 **

Cost: $25/class (8 Week Class Package: $200)

Led by strength & conditioning specialist, and new mom, Alina Kennedy, this class is designed for postpartum moms wanting to rebuild their strength and get back into exercise safely.

We focus on core, glute & pelvic strength, and include some basic conditioning and stretching.

It’s suitable for new moms (as early as 6 weeks postpartum with doctor’s clearance) as well as moms with older babies.

We cater to all fitness levels and will adjust exercises depending on your stage of recovery and strength.

What To Bring

Exercise/Yoga Mat

Water Bottle

Resistance Band


Picnic Blanket


Baby Carrier



* optional

* Our goal is to make exercise as easy and enjoyable as possible, so bring as much or as little as you like with you! While the class is designed to be inclusive of babies, if you have your baby in care, you’re still welcome to come!

Times & Locations

Carl Schurz Park

Tuesday 8:30 am
Wednesday 4:30 pm

Central Park

Thursday 8:30 am
(Great Lawn, near 86th St)

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