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Are you looking for a highly qualified pregnancy and postpartum personal trainer in NYC?

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Why is exercise important during pregnancy and postpartum?

Research shows that exercising during pregnancy can improve mother and baby’s well-being, and assist in labor.

We also know that careful strength training, specifically pelvic floor and core strengthening, after childbirth leads to fewer complications postpartum and assists in a safe return to normal activities.

Every pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experience is unique so it’s important to work with an experienced trainer who will adapt your training program to your unique needs.

We are experts in pre & post-natal fitness and will work closely with you (and your medical team) to guide you through a safe and enjoyable pregnancy and postpartum exercise journey.

We pride ourselves on providing specialized care to all new and expecting moms in NYC. We can’t wait to meet you!


How much does pregnancy and postpartum training cost in NYC?

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